Hospitality Laundry

As a trusted provider of total cleaning solutions for diverse hospitality customers, only Ecolab supports commercial linen laundries with superior solutions, unmatched service and expert knowledge of the hospitality laundry industries.

Wash Programs & Products


EU Ecolabel certified low temperature commercial laundry program formulated to achieve exceptional whiteness of the textiles from only 40°C. This is the most sustainable solution available on the market that helps laundries to improve the lifetime of the textiles, reduce water and energy costs and deliver exceptional quality textiles for hotels, restaurants and catering companies. 


A commercial laundry program suitable to effectively disinfect hospitality textiles and eliminate different types of pathogens. 

Elpa Dual Exxcellence

Elpa DUAL EXXcellence

High-performance Fabric Softener. The unique silicone combination enhances the fluffiness and softness of the textiles. The double perfume concentration releases the fragrance at the time of usage. The new silicone combination serves to improve ironing properties and therefore reduce the re-wash. 


Laundry Protection Program that provides integrated solutions to help ensure safe and efficient execution of laundry operation and reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Water & Energy Saving Solutions
For Hospitality Laundries